October 28th, the day after!

“Today is the day after”! It is a day of joy! Yesterday was not only Josh’s birthday but also another birthday as Ezra James Miller, the first son of Rose and Willie Miller, was born at 5:23AM at 8′ 1″ and 21″ long. His delivery took only about 4 hours! What a great labor! Congrats to you, Willie, and Big Sister, Abby, on the addition of a lovely son and brother! Abby-and-Ezra Miller at the hospital Ezra, you share a birthday with someone else very special to us! Hope you don’t mind. What’s also awesome is that Ezra gets to bring his Mom and Dad to Kristina’s wedding in California and we get to love him up! Rose will be Kristina’s Matron of Honor.

The other source of joy is that Kristina is embarking on a whole new chapter of her life today. Over the weekend, Daniel visited us here in Colorado, helped her pack most of her belongings and she said goodbye to her wonderful friends in Denver. Yesterday after we worked on wedding invitations, she packed the rest of her belongings, and I had the honor of taking her to the airport to board a flight to California. I wish I would have remembered the camera! I would have loved a picture of her in front of the terminal with her backpack over her shoulder, her arm raised high with her wedding dress bag in her hand, her eyes full of expectation and excitement and a lovely smile that went from ear to ear. (Maybe you can visualize it) The winter storm that was bearing down on the Mile High City, almost kept her here but she was able to get out 2 hours late and still fall into the loving, waiting arms of her Navy Corpsman before midnight.

Today, they will sign a lease on their first apartment and prepare for her to move in, get her a pass to Camp Pendleton, where he is stationed and begin the final leg of the wedding plans. Today is 30 days until the wedding date! It will go fast, I know, and we will find ourselves on the beach at sunset captivated by the love before us as we watch the vows being taken and celebrating the goodness of God before we know it!

This is the beginning of a new chapter for us as parents. We truly are “empty nester” now. Who thought it would take 5.5 years of Kristina bouncing in and out of our home to get to this point. It has been an adventure for sure and this last year has been one of HUGE growth for her! Thanks Kristina for letting us be a part of the adventure. I think of Steven Chapman’s song, Saddle Up Your Horses, “We’ve got a trail to blaze”…..and we have blazed with the strength, love and grace that only our God can supply.
Rejoice with us!