Oh My! We Are In Charge!

The day has arrived! When we originally interviewed for this position two weeks ago, we were asked if we were comfortable being in charge. The owners had planned a Canadian vacation for the middle of August and were wondering if they needed to cancel. We said “you need to keep that date and leave us in charge”. Well they took us at our word and the day has arrived for that challenge! Jim and Mary left for Canada, Banff specifically, yesterday. Besides being jealous, as it was our original destination and will be something on our “bucket list” for a while, we are excited about managing their small resort. Matt and I have talked about owning a similar resort for a long time. Here is our opportunity for a test drive!

We will keep you posted. It seems a little daunting as one of us has to be here ALL the time. There is so much to explore here in the lovely Bitterroot Valley and we can’t do it together. 🙁 It is only 10 days though and then we will be back on the exploring track.

Oh, the phone is ringing, “Good Morning, Travellers Rest, how may I help you? A reservation for a cabin? Just a moment please,” I’ll write more later!