On the road again….

Josh and I made a very long drive from Clearwater, FL to Colorado Springs via Des Moines, IA. Josh flew down to Clearwater early in the week to finish his outprocessing with the Coast Guard and to load up his stuff into the moving truck. He was able to attend a friends wedding on Friday and then pick me up at the airport around midnight.

It took me three hours to fly from Denver to Tampa… and it took forrrreeevvvvverrrr to drive back! Our basic plan was to drive through the night and all the next day. Josh picked me up at the Tampa airport in the truck and off we went through the night trying to make it out of Florida before morning. It became apparent rather quickly that this was going to be long tiring jouney. The truck which, while nice and shiny new, was not loaded enough to smooth out the ride. Bouncy does not quite describe it. Neverltheless, the miles melted away although not as fast as we would have liked. The truck also had another little surprise, a regulated top speed. It would only go 65 mph. This was somewhat annoying considering the speed limit was anywhere from 70-75 mph.

We finally made it out of Florida around 7am the next morning and pushed on through AL, and MS before we finally stopped just over the AR state line west of Memphis, TN. We were both exhausted and slept quite well that night. The following morning we pushed on up through St Louis and finally arrived at the Taylor farm around 7:30pm where we loaded up a bunch of things we had left in storage. Finally made it to my folks house in Des Moines around 10pm. We loaded up a few more things that Kristina wanted to send back to CO, visited for little while and crashed in bed again.

Next morning was the final leg. Off we went, again enjoying good weather, made it out of Iowa, and hit the worst stretch of road yet! Nebraska was just miserable. Something about the spacing of the pavement made for the worst ride yet. I thought I was going to go crazy a few times. It took forever but we finally put NE behind us and decided to take the back roads down to Colorado Springs. That worked out pretty well as there was very little traffic and the roads were decent for the most part. We finally made it in around 8pm and enjoyed a nice supper that Ronda had prepared for us.

I had to be back to work the next day so I missed out on the unloading detail. Ronda helped and they got it all taken care of. What a journey! I sure don’t plan on repeating that anytime soon.

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  1. The site looks nice. Seems like we are so very far from family. Miss you all.

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