Other News

You have read about our snowshoeing adventures and those have been awesome times with Matt and Kristina. Being out enjoying this lovely Colorado landscape is a large part of why we came. I have not had the opportunity to use my shoes as much as I had hoped. I have made some early morning trips to the ‘backyard’. Some in the moonlight, which is always beyond stellar for me. Deer are prevalent in the neighborhood this winter and we are often scaring one another as either Abby or I surprise them.

It hardly seems possible that 3 months have gone by in 2007. We have had such full days! So many happenings besides snowshoeing and enduring a 1 in 25 year Colorado winter. Standing with friends in the midst of loss and grief, as we stood in life and death with The Sams family of Indianola, Iowa. Gary moved home to walk and talk with Jesus on the 5th of February. Words still elude me to describe my emotions and words are inadequate to describe the loss to the Earth of the life giving, wise, fun loving, faithful friend we had in Gary. We have been honored to walk hand in hand with Gary and Sherri for a number of years and to leave Gary at the feet of Jesus was one of the hardest things I have had to do. The Sams fought a valiant fight and no one expected to have it end in this way. Sherri and I are loving one another long distance with tears, prayer, the Word, and imaginary hugs. We are hoping she will come and visit us soon so we can hugs, laugh, cry, and be in the presence of Jesus together. We will get to spend eternity with Gary and look forward to many long discussions and laughter there.

Our lovely daughter is changing and growing into a woman in her own right. The separation with her brother was a painful one in November. She had been hiding in his shadow and avoiding responsibility for a long time. It was comfortable there. Moving to her own studio apartment and the extreme challenges of her job as a team lead, managing the front desk, at one of the top Colorado Springs Veda Salons, has made hiding from responsibility impossible! She has risen to the challenges of life on her own and in her own space. It is a time of extreme change as well as exceeding beauty. She and I are spending time together as women and it is a delight! I am watching her come back to her roots and her love for her Lord. It warms a Mom’s heart to see the truth of the ‘raise them up in the way they should go and when they are old, they will not depart from it’ scripture. Oh, and she recently retired her faithful Jeep, “Old Blue” with 238K for a cute dark red VW Passat. Not the lifted burly mountain truck she was hoping for but a good investment for this season of her life. The Passat has already proved to be a trooper making a trip back to IA this weekend for Rose Newburn’s Senior Recital and Bridal Shower (two separate events! 🙂 ). Congrats Rose! We are proud of you!

Over the years we have mentioned, and featured the Brown family, in our postings. They have been a part of our family history for almost 3 years now as God brought us together here in the Springs in June of 2004, just weeks after moving here. We have spent holidays and birthdays and just regular days together. Their son, Daniel and Kristina have been enemies and friends over the years. You might remember our article about Daniel graciously showing up and helping Kristina move into her apartment (see Novembers article). He was a true Knight in shining armor that day! What a LONG day that was! His help, humor, and support were such an encouragement to us all. Thank you again, Daniel! God is moving the Brown family to Virginia in June and we will SO miss them. They are a treasure to us and to many.

Daniel is in the Navy and entering a life long dream of becoming a Navy Seal. He is presently in San Diego only 10 days or so from beginning ‘BUDs’ the beginning of that Seals training. We pray that God’s hand of favor, strength, and wisdom will continue for Daniel. Daniel has spent a great deal of time at our home and here in Colorado in the past 6 months. It has been a joy! On his last trip here, he and Kristina decided that God might be moving them into a relationship more than friendship. They are pursuing that relationship now to see if God would have them serve Him together for life. We as parents are praying that God would reveal His Divine plan and purpose for them. Daniel is a great guy whom we enjoy and respect. God is doing a wonderful thing as He refines these two young people to His plan for each of them. We wait on His will.

Matt is back in school after Spring Break, we were supposed to be gone camping for 10 days in the mountains of New Mexico but put that aside so I could pursue training at work. I am so proud of his hard work and this is his NEXT to last semester for his Masters degree!!! Yippee!

Our Moms have both been sick this winter and are doing better as spring arrives. Peggy is in TX at the St. John’s Retreat Center where she is involved with their leadership for this week. Hope she is getting warm, restored to full health and relaxed. My Mom still faces some challenges but hopefully spring will bring continued improvement.

Josh and SelendaI am not sure that we ever mentioned that Josh is in love with a beautiful woman from Pueblo. It has been good over the months to get to know and appreciate Selenda’s talents and gifts. They work together at Thermo. Cooking, growing lovely orchids and bamboo, caring for her horses, studying, shopping, and just living life. He has continued to get healthier and healthier as time has passed. Each time we see him, he looks more and more radiant (love could have SOMETHING to do with it, ya s’pose?). Selenda is a mechanical engineer, as well as a very accomplished horsewoman and dog trainer. She has inspired Josh to go back to school to pursue his degree in Engineering. He has done exceptionally well this semester in night school and is surprising himself, I think, at what he is capable of. Thanks, Selenda for the ‘push’ in his life!

They found a great house in Pueblo (an hour south of us) and moved, just yesterday. Josh has been through the heartbreak of finding the long awaited dog of his dreams, a rescued greyhound, and then had to give him up because there was no place to let him run. The greyhound, Hook, was so enamored with Josh and vice versa that it was heartbreaking the watch the separation as Hook went back to the foster home. Selenda’s Sage, an Australian Shepherd, adores Josh and the new house has a kennel and backyard for Sage. Should be a fabulous location for them. Close to college for both Josh and Selenda, she is working on her MBA. Their jobs a have been beyond stressful and difficult for some time now and we are trusting that God will bring them new opportunities.

I need to stop for now. That gives you alot and you have probably already had two cups of your favorite beverage if you have stayed with me through TWO articles. 🙂 I will try to write shorter, and more often articles from now on. Life is beginning to hit a rhythm and that is GOOD! For us all. Love and blessings to you.