Our Family Grows!

SelendaJosh.jpgWe wrote earlier about Josh getting engaged to the lovely and intelligent Selenda Hill. As of May 9th, 2008, it is official! Josh and Selenda ‘tied the knot’ and began another Grimes family! The wedding took place as planned and considering the amazing amount of details surrounding an event like this, I would say it was an outstanding success. Josh and Selenda had chosen a beautifully restored historic building in Pueblo, Colorado to have the ceremony and reception. The Union Depot train station was built in 1890 and the gorgeous pillars, high ceilings, lovely woodwork, and design make it a great place for a special event.

The rehearsal dinner was held at La Renaissance, another splendidly restored vintage building, this one a church, now turned award-winning restaurant. There’s alot of history in Pueblo, most of it about trains and steel mills. We highly recommend anyone considering La Renaissance for a special dinner or event. The staff and owners attention to detail, innovative menu, and surrounding atmosphere combine for the ambiance of a grand event.

Per the couple’s request, the wedding was kept small; limited to close family and a few of the couple’s close friends. Kristina was honored to be a bridesmaid and I got to wear a tux! I reckon I hadn’t done that since my own wedding! Once every 30 years is MORE than enough! The ‘Moms’ both looked lovely, the Grandmothers beautiful, and the ushers handsome (Rhonda’s brothers). The ceremony was one of the most Christ centered we have ever seen. The commitment and love of each to the other was so evident. Their Pastor challenged them to remember this day in light of scripture and not feelings when they have disagreements in the future. Rhonda shed a few tears as she watched and especially when Josh turned from the altar and led his new bride down the aisle, passing his Mom and reaching out to hug her. It was a tender moment she won’t forget. Everything seemed to pass in a slow blur and before we knew it, the ceremony and reception were over!

Josh and Selenda took off the next morning for Cocoa Beach, Fl. Having finished the school semester, wedding planning/participation, and busyness on their jobs they were truly ready for some relaxation time on the beach. Their honeymoon also consisted of a long anticipated trip to Sea World. Sorry, they are tight with pictures so we don’t have any to share but we heard it was a great time!

Most of the extended families were in attendance for the celebration, many staying for several days as we also celebrated Mother’s Day, hiked, and enjoyed being together. It was nice to see everyone and have a few minutes to catch up! Ted had come from Indiana, our niece, Jennifer, from Mississippi, the whole Iowa Taylor clan, my Mom (who steeled herself to travel while overcoming illness to make the trip), my Aunt Sue and Uncle Jeff, and my Uncle Bill and his girlfriend, Michelle, from Fort Collins, CO. Thank you all for making the trip and honoring Josh and Selenda with your presence. It was stellar! (Rhonda’s word!)

We welcome Selenda to our family and pray a blessing over the happy couple that God’s richest blessings of a fulfilling, rewarding, honoring, and life-long marriage be theirs. Selenda brings a great deal of happiness to Josh and we are excited to watch how God unfolds our family relationships. Kristina has spent alot of time with Selenda and now is known as “Lil Sis”.

If you would like to see the event, there is a slideshow available online as well as pictures you can order at this site (use selenda for the event code.)

A June P.S. Don’t dispair if you just got your wedding announcement! The kids were so busy when they got back – Selenda started school again immediately (she had already missed a week), Josh went full time with his BF Goodrich internship, their three horses and two dogs needed exercise and training, as well as just being newlyweds, the announcements were a little slow in the mailing. We thought you would like to celebrate with us, even if it was a bit late. Makes the celebration last longer! This is an event to savor.