Our Goodbye Gift – A Fresh Wild Turkey For Breakfast! (Mom DON’T read this story!)

Well, not exactly but almost. Every time of day at the Crockett Ranch is special. Mornings are lovely with sun streaks across the sky before the sun actually rises, the usual quiet, the birds, one of Russ’ dogs softly barking by the kennel. This morning, we were lying in bed talking about time with Russ the night before, waking up, and listening to the World around us wake as well, I heard one single solitary gun shot. Was a bit early for someone to be on the range and we were the only guests but I pushed the thought from my sleepy mind. The silence was changed shortly after by an ATV rounding the end of the arena. Before I could even actually place the sound in my foggy brain, Russ was outside our window with a good sized Tom Turkey over his fender! I jumped out of bed, grabbing my robe to go see what his victory smile was all about. He had gotten up early ahead of the group coming to the ranch for Mother’s Day weekend. With one more turkey tag in his hand, and this the last day he could hunt before season end, he had gone out to wait for the Tom who comes across the Ranch fairly often. The gunshot I had heard earlier was his. The Tom had come close to the mesquite patch below the arena and Russ had been waiting. Meat for the freezer! Yea!

He was a beautiful bird with a 7-8” long beard and good sized spikes, probably about 3 years old. ivermectin for cattle safe for guinea pigs Russ was off to skin and dress him but wanted to know if we would like a breast to take with us…of course! That would be a very yummy treat! generic ivermectin injection Just before we left, he brought back a fresh dressed breast and a leg. When we get to the mountains that will be tasty dinner with memories of Russ and the Ranch! ivermectina finalidade Thanks Russ for all you do! We appreciate you and miss the Ranch already!