Our Young Lady Becomes a WOMAN of Legal Age! LOOK OUT World!!

Yes, it is true! On September 26 of 2006, our lovely Kristina turned 21! It was a grand celebration! We couldn’t celebrate on the day as the boss lady (Kristina) had to work at the last minute and we rescheduled for the next eve. Grandma Peggy had come out from Des Moines to help us celebrate and we just couldn’t let the actual day go by without a little notoriety for Kristina. We gathered a balloon bouquet and a warm plate of cookies and headed to the salon to surprise her. She had not told most of the staff so they were all surprised when we arrived. I’m not sure how she got any work done as Kristina had gotten so many phone calls from friends and family calling to wish her Happy Birthday. A number of them sang to her as well! How awesome is that?! Funny, she didn’t look any older! The next day we were able to all gather at our house for Kristina’s favorite meal and carmel apple pie with candles. No cake for this girl, just one of Armetta Keeney’s award winning pies! Welcome, Kristina to the ‘adult’ world! We love you, Sunshine.