Photography Update

I have switched out my camera gear. In the quest for better pictures I have upgraded to an AutoFocus system. I simply have missed too many good shots while I was trying to get the focus right. Blame it on these old eyes I guess.

Josh convinced me to look at the Canon line of SLRs. He has one and is very happy with it. I did and it’s quite amazing what you can get for not alot of money in a used SLR these days. Seems everyone is abandoning their film cameras for digital. I like film personally. So, I located a nice setup on Ebay and then sold all my Olympus gear. Now I have a Canon Elan II with a couple of lenses. I also picked up a 1×4 teleconverter that allows me to take close-up shots (macrophotography). You’ll no doubt see more results of this acquisition in future articles.

A friend at work clued me in on buying film on Ebay. Josh and I went together and bid on a lot of 105 rolls of Kodak High Definition film. We won the auction and ended up paying only 75 cents a roll. That will make it easier to justify shooting more pictures! I’ve also gone back to using Snapfish for my developing. It only takes a week to get the film back and I have the cost down to $4.40 roll which is quite reasonable.

One thought on “Photography Update

  1. Also, check out Konica Minolta’s line! I have found them to being something unexpected in the quality for price, as far as digital goes. I picked up a refurbished Dimage A2 for less than half its original price for Smith Chapel and it really has terrific quality. I also like their film cameras I just don’t know much about them.

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