Prepare for Cheese Movement

The warning order has been issued. Josh’s cheese is about to be moved. Significantly!

If this makes no sense to you… shame on you. Go buy the book and read it. It’s a classic.

If you’ve followed the MistyCastle adventures you know that Josh developed some serious problems with his back several years ago. This was a result of an injury while on duty and (making a long story short) subsequent poor care by the Coast Guard’s medical community. Josh has been grounded since last summer, unable to fulfill his duties as a aircrew member.

He learned this week that the medical boards have decided to “medically retire” him and he will be separated from the Coast Guard within the next 30-60 days. He has improved quite a bit but not enough to fly around in helicopters that vibrate like crazy. I’ve flown in my fair share of military choppers and I can assure you they all vibrate pretty bad.

So…. Josh is moving his cheese to Colorado. He will stay with us until he finds a new job and housing. Stay tuned for further news.