PTL! The Fire Decreases!!

We apologize for several posts in a small time frame but thought you would like to know what is happening with the fire.

As I sit to write this update, there is a tapping on the top of our home, rain – round #2! The Lord is good, we (with you) have all been praying for decreased winds and RAIN without lightening. Overnight the winds decreased, the temperature did as well, and the fire gained no ground! Today we had cooler weather, cloud cover, winds from the west to blow the fire back on itself on that boundary, later a wind from the northeast to blow against that boundary and then rain to cover it all. How awesome is THAT??!! The Sheriff had joked this AM in his press conference that everyone who had not gone and washed their car needed to do so AND park outside so it would rain. ;-). Then tonight he thanked everyone for having done that! Who says you can’t have a sense of humor in times of adversity?!

Tonight at 5PM, yesterday’s extended evacuation areas were rescinded and those folks were allowed to go home. That puts some of our friends back in their homes, in their own beds. We are so thrilled for them!! The fire is 30% contained, the smoke has greatly decreased! Breathing clearly is a good thing. The weather is for cooler, moister air over the next 4 days and into next week so barring anything unforeseen, we are beating the wildfire. To God be all the Glory. THANK YOU for your prayers.

We are working on the truck tomorrow and getting some last minute things done in preparation for travel. Sunday, one more mail pick up and one more trip to the storage unit. Then Monday, we saddle up and head this wagon train west to Cottonwood Pass. Long soaks in the hot mineral springs for a couple of days, hikes and some much needed vacationing! We will keep you posted. We promise to get back to posting pictures….thank you again for your part in supporting us and also this community. It has been a long week. This has been a good reminder of what is important. Health, family, relationships, faith, not stuff!