Quarterly Catchup

Treasured Friends and Family, it has been a long time since I wrote and Matt has made me sleep in the garage as punishment for neglecting you! Just kidding, of course! The days have gone so fast and life is very different than it was only a month ago so I woke this morning wanting to update you a bit. Matt has given you some fly over events but I need to fill in some blanks. I will attempt to write short articles and keep you up to date more often. I think of many of you and lift you in prayer, trusting that Abba knows what your needs are and that He is faithful to meet and exceed your expectations. He is such a loving Father!

I might have to work backwards at this point. Many of you know that Matt and I have been seeking God for a long time about where I fit into ‘the career world’. We had put everything we had into Computer Telephony Shoppe, we have been on the shorter side of financial independence than we need to be. We had agreed that I would go back into the job market to pay off the mortgage and any remaining debt from the CTS endeavor. I struggled with that over the last 3 years and where it would take me. There are many things in my heart that God still wants me to accomplish but which one first and was a formal education necessary? I was pursuing an online program that would give me certification as a Nutritional Coach but was college necessary to pursue what God desired for me? If so, I needed to get busy as I am not getting younger! There did not seem to be green lights anywhere. Then one turned bright green! God threw a door open wide 4 weeks ago!

I was finishing a 5-day fast with a friend over the Jewish holiday of Purim and had gotten clarity that change was coming and I could feel the expectation in my spirit. I was refocused to get aspects of my life in order and get some organizational things done here at the house. I felt that by May 1 I would be gainfully employed and that school was not an option to pursue. There were things I had wanted to accomplish here but not having felt well for most of 2006, had neglected. I have been seeking answers to why I was not whole in my health yet and was finding those answers so I had energy again to be creative and disciplined.

Moving quickly about picking up the house early on Tuesday morning, the 6th of March, I picked up the paper to deposit it in the garage. The thought passed my mind, ‘what if I just sold something?’ It would have to be something I enjoy, I thought as I opened the paper. Turning innocently to the sales section of Mondays paper, in bold type I saw, IMMEDIATE OPENING, RED NOLAN AUTO GROUP or something like that but the ‘Red Noland” caught me eye. You see, when we bought Peggy’s (Matt’s Mom) car last September, we found it at a Red Noland Client Center. Her car quest had been just that, a quest, a difficult experience to find a car that would meet her specific needs. Difficult not because of Mom, she was a dear to assist but because no one listened to our needs, until we called and then visited a Red Noland Center. The sales guide showed us respect, listened, truly guiding us through the process to find Peggy’s dream car. No more phone books and pillows in her seat for comfort! Everyone at the dealership enjoyed what they were doing and every aspect of the purchase was handled with excellence and integrity. WOW! I thought at the time, I would enjoy being associated with these people. It was such a contrast from the exhausting, unending, demeaning process I had experienced all week at car lots and dealerships.

Consequently, that morning, my curiosity was peaked. The ad said to bring your resume to them or call for an appointment. Hmm.did I really want to pursue this? I asked Matt to come home for lunch so we could discuss the pros and cons. I knew that I had to move fast. He was excited at the possibilities for, you see, I would sell Jaguars and Land Rovers. The British car guy lit up! He felt it was a perfect fit and that is only the second opportunity that I have come across that he was totally behind. I hurried to call the interviewer who was with a client and unavailable. God was pushing me in this and I knew it. I needed to get there today ASAP. I dressed, polished my resume and headed to the dealership. I forgot my cell phone so I was unreachable when the manager returned my call to tell me that the job was filled. I arrived at the dealership, meeting the Used Car Manager. He explained that the positions were filled but he wanted to meet me after hearing my phone message. Upon meeting, he said he wanted to interview me and we did just that. We spent over an hour together and he basically told me that the job was mine if I wanted it. I needed to return for an interview with two other managers at another time. The shocker was –they were asking new employees to start training on MONDAY! My breath caught. MONDAY was not May 1! What was I thinking?! God and I went around as I drove home and as I processed this with Matt. I asked several friends to pray that Matt and I would know the heart of the Father without a doubt. There was peace and enthusiasm for everyone involved. The additional interviews allowed me to see that I had some gifts that could be utilized there. The General Manager officially offered me the job on Monday to begin my adventure on Tuesday!! I am a Sales Guide at Jaguar Land Rover Colorado Springs!

I am STILL recovering from the ‘blow your hair back factor’! I jumped in on Tuesday, the 13th, and hit the fast track training program with 2 great men.. I have fallen in love with, not Matt’s love-the Jaguars (I already enjoyed them) but the Land Rovers. What an absolutely awesome automobile! The beauty coupled with the unlimited safety aspects and European creature comforts of the vehicle blow me away! Their awesome off road capabilities through the Traction Response gives them dynamic on road safety and agility. Eventually I want one to grace our driveway. My Jeep is great but safety is not the same as in a Land Rover at all. Off Roading takes on a whole different aspect in a Land Rover! Day and Night!

So that is how I have spent the last month, immersed in Land Rover/Jaguar lore, specs, heritage, and style. Not a bad way to spend a day. I enjoy those I work with and their support! The clients I have had the opportunity to work with are stellar. I have found friends among them. Imagine that?! ME making friends among ‘strangers’!! Is there such a thing? Strangers I mean………haha You know I LOVE it!

Matt has been beyond stellar! The hours have been long, my brain has been stretched and over stuffed with details…..my car repair/rebuilding days with Matt are a long way back. His car times in recent years have been spent with the kids and not me. I have to relearn all my car/engine knowledge. Matt has patiently been there to fix breakfast or dinner or both, finish up the laundry, relieve my stress with a massage or conversation, run errands and/or encouraged me. Thank you SO much, Honey, I would have a very difficult time doing this without YOU! You are beyond awesome my wonderful Knight! God has so richly blessed me through you!

There are many aspects that are very challenging but it is a great challenge and I am enjoying it! Still wondering a bit what it is that God has for me here but I see how I am affecting the organization in small ways. I know He has a purpose and I wait each day for Him to show me how to solve a clients needs or to help my fellow sales guides or encourage another teammate. I am excited about the possibilities! Thank you for your prayers, I cherish them as I seek His will and where it will take me and also how I affect the lives of others each day. Be blessed and make the most of this gift you have been given – a day created for you to know Him intimately. Be thankful and joyful in it. It is after all, Palm Sunday. Hosanna to the King! I love you all.

PS the picture is ME on a Land Rover rally with clients and other staff in the Terryall Mountains the Sunday after I went to work. Matt has posted more pictures at this story.