Resume? What resume?!!

HH-60J HoistSo, after five years of succesful employment by the U.S. Coast Guard, I am now faced with writing a resume. It shouldn’t be too hard, except for the three pages I’ll need for the experience section. Where do I put “performed search and rescue missions often at night and in rain/60 knot winds as a helicopter flight mechanic”? But now that knowledge and experience will have to find use elsewhere.
The Coast Guard has found me unfit for flight duties due to the trouble I have had with my back. It has been a long process (and a lesson in patience), but the official word is out. I will be medically retired from the C.G. in a few months. Unfortunately, in the C.G. you can’t remain on active duty in an aviation rating if you can’t fly. And since the vibration of military helicopters is unacceptable for someone with a back such as mine, I can’t stay in.
So I guess I will be looking for a job soon. I plan on moving to Colorado, to rejoin my wonderful family once again, and also to enjoy the beauty of the mountains. I couldn’t live here in Florida for very long. It’s flat and hot and humid. And crowded. But I have the memory of going to Pikes Peak with my family to keep me going. I can almost still smell the air.
Anyway, back to the story. I am going to try and continue my career in aviation, but if that fails I will at least remain in the electronics field. I am hoping to find a job as an avionics technician or maybe avionics and instrument repair. I have found that fixing complex things is what I most enjoy.
So off I go to write my resume. Anyone want to buy Coast Guard uniforms?

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