Roasted Beans

In order to make espresso you need coffee beans. According to the experts these should be as freshly roasted as possible. Some folks even go so far as roasting their own. I’m not quite that enamored yet. I let my fingers do the walking in the yellow pages and lo and behold… we have 5 local roasters! Awesome… I love this city.

Ronda and I went over to a new City park today and hiked around some of the trails. City parks have different connotation here than they did back in Iowa. Actually, they call this an Open Space rather than a park. It’s nearly 800 acres and is similar to the Garden of The Gods area with the distinctive red rock formations. Aside from the trails they also have some brand new technical climbing areas which will undoubtably interest some people I know. It’s called Red Rock Canyon Open Space and was purchased by the city to preserve the area and keep it from being developed commercially.

So anyway… back to the storyline. My research indicated that one of these roasting places would be convienently located for a quick stop on the way home. High Rise Coffee Roasters is in downtown Old Colorado City just off the main drag. We stopped in and chatted with the owners for a bit and walked out with some freshly roasted espresso beans and a half pound of Guatemalan beans. Ronda brought home some of her Roobois tea that she likes.

Really nice folks there (thanks to Andrew for the free espresso machine cleaning tool) I’ll be happy to give them my business. Their website is a little lame though. Maybe I’ll try and help them out a little.