Rocky Mountain High!

Snowy DayWell, this seems to be a weekly occurance – SNOW! I am not complaining though, I am rejoicing! We woke to approximately 5 inches of new snow that had fallen over night. It has continued to snow 1 to 3 inches an hour since that time and we now have a fraction of a inch shy of a foot on the patio. It is only 10 AM and it is predicted that it will continue all day.Matt left for work early this AM and I couldn’t stand all that beauty being outside my window. With a little extra time in my schedule, I had to go and play in the snow!

I donned my snowshoes for their maiden trek and Abby and I were off to the ‘backyard’ – the Ute Valley Park. The snow was coming down so heavy that we couldn’t see the mountains as we headed out but the beauty that lay close to us was breath taking enough. It is only 33 degrees so it is another heavy snow like last week. This scene would rival any gorgeous Christmas card you have ever seen! I love seeing the valley like this. It’s beauty is unmatched anywhere.Abby adores playing in snow and when I got out my shoes she instantly began dancing and smiling. 

Once we got up into the ‘backyard’, the terrain was mostly untouched. There were tracks from a hiker that had just come through and a few recent deer tracks but Abby and I were free to roam in the pristine wonderland. The evergreens flocked in a weighty winter coat and the lovely path winding through the soft white hanging canopy. Gorgeous! We followed one of our usual trails for the most part. We skipped climbing the rock face at the end today as it would be slippery and awkward with such ‘big feet’. The trees were so changed by their hanging appearance that at one point I was unsure of where I was. Just another reminder that nature is not something to take for granted. Life outdoors can be dangerous!

As we returned home, I prayed that the wind would come and shake the trees as the weatherman had predicted. Many of our trees still have leaves and the snow is so wet it was trying the flexibilty of their branches. Quite a few were beginning to break onto power lines on the East side of the city.

OOPS! There’s the doorbell! I’ll finish later……..Well that was Kristina stopping by in anticipation of our newest family tradition and the house got busy all the sudden. Matt had just arrived home as well. Businesses realized this storm was just circling around and around the Springs not going anywhere or disipating any time soon. Most businesses were sending employees that had come to work, back home. Kristina had been the only faithful soul at Veda this morning for about 2 hours. All 8 lines were lit up almost constantly with cancellations and employees saying they couldn’t get out of their driveways or through the mountain passes. It was a stressful time for her. She finally closed the salon and ended up on our door step.

I mentioned the newest family tradition……..when it snows, we make COOKIES! She nestled in with us for warm, chewy cookies, a long over due chat, and the end of a movie she and I had started and not finished recently. We finished and she was off to brave the roads and the continuing storm. She arrived safely at her own home to settle in.

The snow has now stopped and there is about 18 inches on the patio. The wind came and deflocked most all of our trees. It is still lovely but not as lovely. Matt has included a picture out the patio door. I was so excited aobut going snowshoeing this AM that I forgot the camera. It has been a great day and one of the Colorado advantages is that tomorrow the sun will come out and it will be in the 50’s! We didn’t shovel our driveway and it will all be gone by 2PM! Yes, life is good!