Rolling through the Midwest

Woodpecker at Walnut Woods State ParkIOWA Trip Day 1 (which is all it SHOULD be!)
We headed out of Colorado Springs on a fairly warm, clear but breezy day. This is a 11 hour road trip we’ve made many times over the last almost 10 years. It is a familiar route and we were putting the miles behind us but the winds kept increasing. By the time we got to Limon, headed towards Kansas on I-70, the flags were flying straight out and hard on the flagpoles. Our trailer/truck combination handles the wind remarkably well so I had not realized just how the wind had increased. When we made a rest area pit stop just past the Kansas border, I took Abby out to the pet area. We had to lean into the wind or risk getting blown around. The lady at the visitor center said the winds were 40 mph with gusts to 50 mph. I didn’t like the idea of continuing but we had little choice (there are very few places to get off the road in Western Kansas) and the rig seem to be largely unaffected by it so we pressed on. We had only gotten a few miles down the road when one of the trailer tires picked up some construction debris blown onto the highway and blew out a chunk of the sidewall. Thankfully, only the tire, and not our trailer, was damaged again. God’s grace for us is apparent. But we are on the shoulder, again……this time in the midst of a howling windstorm.

Roadside assistance to the rescue again! We were not far from Goodland, KS and soon had someone there to change the tire. Neither of us was comfortable continuing in this wind particularly without a spare tire. RHonda made some calls and found a Goodyear tire store in Goodland who would take care of us but to hurry as they were closing in a half hour. We got there as they were putting the keys in the lock! Since they had expected us, they stuck around and put on a new tire for us. The sun was almost setting now and as much as we were pushing to get to IA, continuing on would be foolish in the wind AND dark. We drove to a recommended campground just off the Interstate for the night. FOrgot the name but it is right by the highway with a store that is just FULL of everything you could imagine. Soups to nuts, probably even a kitchen sink and a new wardrobe. All in piles.The winds continued to howl through the night, the semis roared by and the temps plunged to almost freezing. Stay tuned for Part 2.