School’s Out!

School’s Out has taken on a different meaning now that I’m the teacher. The semester is over, Final Projects completed, and grades turned in. Although none of my students were in the graduating class I did attend the graduation as a faculty member, which provided my first opportunity to wear my Masters regalia. I’ve enjoyed the experience of taking a group of people with little to no knowledge of Computer Science and giving them a taste of the various disciplines in the industry. The course would be considered a “survey” class where we touch briefly on the many facets of the digital world we live in these days.

combine3Far and away the most disliked aspect of the course was the JavaScript programming module. That one blew most everyone “out of the water”. Next semester we are going to swap that out with a module in the Python language and see if that works better. I did manage to finish up the required course content a little early and took the opportunity to introduce a module on Digital Design. We spent the last couple of weeks learning how to create 3D models on the computer using a software package by AutoDesk called 123D Design. The students ALL loved that and I think it made up for the nasty programming experience. 🙂 I will be teaching the same course in the Fall and adding another; Computer Maintenance & Repair to go along with my duties running the FabLab.

The College is moving to a new facility in August. We have outgrown our temporary leased space at the Economic Development Center and are taking over an old middle school building from the Hamilton School District. Remodeling is occurring and it will be very nice to have our own space and identity. Despite the new digs there is not enough room to host my FabLab so we are looking at leasing a separate building in town for it. I am going to use our current space to teach my first course in 3D Printing in a few weeks. It will be a Continuing Ed class designed to provide a brief overview of the technology and a little bit of hands-on.