Scottish Festival and Games

Bagpipes on the MarchWe made a Sunday outing a couple of weeks ago to attend the 48th Annual Scottish Festival and Games over in Highlands Ranch.This was our first time at this festival and we got to see quite a variety of activities. There were Massed Pipes and Drums, Pipe Band Competitions, British Dogs Exhibition, Four Stages of non-stop Celtic Music, Scottish Athletic Competitions, Scotch Tasting, and of course…a British Car Show. We drove the Jag and joined up with the other British Cars for a little parade through the festival grounds and then we parked them all on the field for display. Aside from a number of beautiful Jaguar XK-120’s there a couple of quite nice older Rolls-Royces.

Cynthia with her new ClanWe wandered about and visited the Genealogy Tent to see if we had any Scottish ancestry lurking in our background but it looked doubtful. Our friend Cynthia had much more luck and discovered that she had some direct lineage to the Cumming Clan. They adopted her and she was quickly pressed into duty carrying the clan standard (flag) for the big parade of Clans. The Clan thing is really a big deal and they all had tents set up telling about their history and lineage. There were 55 clans represented as I recall.

There were lots of folk dressed in authentic costume, including a lot of men wearing kilts. We only got to see a little bit of the log-tossing event and a wee bit of sword fighting. The Celtic music was playing away in the background and we stopped by the Macallan tent to got an education on what it requires to be classified as “Scotch Wisky” and do a little “tasting”. By the way, there is no “e” in whisky in case you didn’t know that. Everyone seemed to leave the tent in a better mood than when they went in.

Scotch WiskyI then sampled a traditional Scottish snack called a “bridie”. A bridie is a savory pie similar to a pasty, but the pastry is not as hard and no potato is used, making it much lighter in texture. The filling is made of minced steak, butter, and beef suet seasoned with salt and pepper, and sometimes with an addition of minced onions. It was quite tasty although a bit greasy.

The clouds rolled in along with some thunder and impending rain so we headed back to the display area and put the top up just before the rains drifted in. All in all it was an enjoyable event and I would recommend it.