Selling the Camaro

A few weeks ago I sold my Camaro Z28. I will definitely miss that vehicle. I have owned it since June of 2000, and put no less than 80 thousand miles on it. It has taken me to both east and west coasts numerous times. I have many memories of traveling in that car, from foggy passes in the Smoky Mountains in Tenessee, to being at the top of Hurricane Ridge in Washington State. Oh, and lets not forget overheating in Wyoming. Yes, you’ll notice I didn’t just say good memories. But I wouldn’t call them bad memories either. Sure, that car could be really frustrating sometimes, but it was always worth it when you cranked over the engine to hear those Flowmaster mufflers growl. It’s one of the sweetest sounds. And there aren’t very many problems that can’t be solved by turning up the stereo and shifting down a gear. (or two, if needed) Disclaimer: Most police officers say that speeding is illegal. Use Caution.

So it will be missed. But it was time to move on. The engine was getting tired, and a rebuild was not in the budget. Right now I am riding in style (okay, maybe not very much style) in my 1987 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz. But I am anxiously awaiting the day when I can once again sit behind the wheel of rear-drive V8 american iron. Hurray for Detroit!