Silver and Gold

Silver CertificateWow! The prices on silver and gold have sure taken a leap lately. I guess I had known that somehow as one of those little bits of info your brain stores away, but had not really paid all that much attention. Until I decided to revisit my coin collection…

I have always had a passing interest in Numismatics over the years but it has been an occasional and casual interest. It began when I was just a young pup and can be attributed to my Grandad. He worked at the Plaza Bank and would bring home sacks of pennies for me to paw through. In retrospect, it may have been a clever idea on his part for keeping me occupied…do you know how long it takes to sort through a $50 bag of pennies? Nevertheless, it started a lifelong interest. I still have my penny collection but alas, it has not been updated since 1968 or so. I also collected a few British coins while I was in England and still have those too.

Shortly after Grandad died Gram gave me a cookie tin filled with old dimes and quarters along with an envelope filled with one dollar bills. None of the coins were collectable but they were pre-1965 thus 90% silver. That tin has been in a closet or under my dresser ever since. I had thought about cashing them in a time or too but mostly they were momentary considerations. As I was reviewing the old dollar bills I realized that I have a much stronger interest in old currency than I do in coins. I decided that now would be a good time to cash in the old quarters and re-invest it in some more banknotes.

I hauled the cookie tin down to a local coin dealer and received a very nice payment in exchange for the old quarters. The current rate is a bit more than 7 times the face value for old silver coins! So if you have any old silver coins you might want to give it some thought.