Site Goofed Up While Upgrading

The site is going to be messed up for awhile as I struggle through several major upgrades that I have been putting off. This has actually been a real pain. I had a feeling that it would be fraught with gotchas and I was right.

The actual upgrade to WordPress version 2 went exceedingly well. It’s all the extra 3rd party customizations (called plugins) that end up being a problem. Like the little email notification thing that is not supported for this version, and the clever little photo gallery thing that was embedded in quite a few of the posts.

I’m working through these things one at a time. I found a pretty good replacement for the photo scenario. All the relevant pictures for a post will be found at the bottom of that post. If you click on one it will open up a window and allow you to cycle through all the pictures. Unfortunately I have to go back through each post and manually convert it.

The email notification is bit tougher. I have not found a replacement for it yet and will probably send out notifications manually for now.

Please be patient while I work through these issues.

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Breakfast of ChampionsBeaver pond along Texas CreekMorning View from Alstrom Point