Snakes Alive!

Prairie RattlerWe had a bit of excitement we could have done without earlier this week. I was at the side of the house cooking some burgers on the grill when the dog found a rattlesnake right behind the tub I keep my grilling supplies in. I got her away from it and put her in the house while I pondered the situation. We live just a block away from a 300 acre park and that’s no doubt where it came from. I figured it would probably go back there if I just left it alone but on the other hand there are a lot of little kids in the neighborhood and I did not feel right about just letting it go.

So, I found the shovel and waited for it to come out. When it did I gave the shovel my best javelin toss and got it about six inches behind the head. Pinned it right to the ground but it didn’t kill it. About that time Ronda came out of the back door and the dog came with her. Next thing I knew the dog was right there and stuck her nose in a little too close **POWW** faster than you could really even see, the snake got her in the nose.

Naturally, this all happened just after dinner so our only recourse was to go to the local pet “emergency room”. Poor Abby started swelling up immediately and was obviously not feeling well at all. I guess a rattlesnake bite is extremely painful. The vet gave us the recommended scenario which included staying overnight, pain, anti-inflammatory meds and the anti-venom serum dripped in through an IV, etc., etc. Estimated cost $1,540.

While carefully refraining from laughing we asked about the “home care” scenario. The vet frowned but told us he could give her a shot of morphine and send home some pills but the dog might not make it and would be very uncomfortable. To his credit he did say the whole anti-venom thing was somewhat controversial and not every vet recommended that course of action. Needless to say we opted for the home care scenario and proceeded to give the dog her meds along with several homeopathic remedies. She has looked pretty rough and we has wondered if we are doing the right thing but she appears to be turning the corner today.

This was definitely some excitement we could have done without. And, yes…we kept the rattles!

Rhonda’s P.S. Matt writes of all the excitment but this event is keeping us from another event that is very dear to our hearts. We were planning to leave for Iowa yesterday for a wedding. Yes, the beautiful and dear Angie Cierzan has found the love of her life and is being married on Saturday. We have to make a decision today or in the morning as to whether we can leave Abby or if I will make the trip alone while Matt stays to care for Abby. We are trusting that God will make it very clear how to handle the situation, either scenario is difficult.

P.P.S. Note one week later – made the painful decision to not attend the wedding as Abby needed too much care and her life was hanging in the balance. She is almost fully recovered now. We have had a hard time keeping her from living life at full bore!

Kristina flew to Iowa from Virginia where she had been with Daniel after his abrupt ending to SEALS training. She was a bridesmaid as she, Rose, and Angie have been friends since they were 6 years old. I know that it was a lovely day that honored the Lord. Thankfully we will get to see the newlyweds at Rose and Willie’s wedding in July. Two of ‘my girls’ marrying in the same summer! What a blessing!