Snowed In

So heres the deal. Im snowed in.

I came to the farm tuesday afternoon…hoping to go to a I-35 game that night..but it was cancelled.

Its thursday now and Im still here. beoutq live stream No complaints other than I have terrible Cabin Fever. DREADFUL Cabin Fever in fact. It annoys me because under most circumstances I would be playing this up as much as possible..telling dramatic stories and trying to stay as long as possible. HOWEVER. The irritating realization that I need a job weighs pretty heavily on my mind. So the 3rd day in im kind of getting crazy. but eh, its been fun and I’ve been disgustingly lazy. ive gone sledding, played guitar, ate too much food, drank 3 cups of hot cocoa..mmm….had a great time with my cousins, watched way too many movies, the list goes on. So really as I think about it..i dont mind being here at all. in fact..its pretty doggone fun. oh and I cant check my email for some dumb reason. *pout* dumb reason being cause I cant remember the link to the page. *pouts some more* Well, thats enough complaining about not having any responsibilites for 3 whole days for me. I hope your all having fun going to classes and work, earning a living. Because im here. drinking hot cocoa..and not doing a thing.

See you in the real world….soon.


One thought on “Snowed In

  1. Boy do you have a very BAD case of cabin fever!! I love you though even when you don’t make sense! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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