Some news

Final exam is this weekend. I’m actually looking forward to it because it means being done with yet another class. It sure does get old always having homework to worry about. This will complete the fourth course out of ten courses required for my degree. I still have two GIS classes to take, although both will be more of an independent study rather than lecture. One is a Lab class which involves an in-depth hands-on with a GIS software application and the other is the “Project”. A Masters level project that represents your combined knowledge and ability to apply it to a real world problem. You get a whole semester to complete the Project and you have to present it and defend it at the end. Then there are four electives to get out of the way. I have been looking at a Systems Development and Implemetation track that is offered by the Business Dept. It would fit in well with my background and you also get a “certificate” which would look good on the resume. I have decided to take this summer off from school and then hit it hard again next year. If I really buckle down and take two classes per semester next year I could actually finish everything up the following year and graduate in Spring of 2007. Sounds like a long ways away….

The Colorado Roasters website has been languishing lately as all my time has been devoted to schoolwork. It did benefit from my term project this semester though. I used my GIS software to create a “Roaster Locator” and linked it to my site. It displays a map of Colorado and allows you to input your zip code (Colorado only) and a search radius. When executed the search zooms the map to your coordinates and displays the coffee roasters that are located within your search radius. It’s a little crude but I plan to spiff it up as time permits. You can look at it here: