South Beach Diet – How I Lost 30 lbs

In late April 2004 Ronda and I started a new diet. I use the word in the proper sense (Webster – food and drink regularly provided or consumed, habitual nourishment). In fact, I like the origins of the word from the Greek diaita, literally, manner of living, and from diaitasthai to lead one’s life.

I’ve seen or heard about many different diets over the years. Never participated in any as I did not really consider myself as “fat”. I had managed to put on some weight over the years though. It all started when I stopped smoking back in 1989. Prior to that I could eat anything in any quantity and never gain weight. My metabolism began to change after I quit smoking and I slowly gained about 20 lbs. A fairly common occurrence I was told.

I didn’t like it but it was tolerable. I was still not considered “fat” according to the Army’s standard so I bought new clothes as required and winced at the occasional photo that really proved what my midsection had become. I seemed to have stabilized and it seemed ok. But, during the past five years as I hit my mid-forties it started getting worse. Little to no exercise did not help matters any. There were several small things that spoke loudly to me “Grimes… you’re getting fat and slothful!” My 36in pants were getting too tight and the ‘ol belly was hanging way out there. Then there was a short hike up to the top of a sand dune while vacationing in the summer of 2003. I could not make it all the way. Very humbling.

Then I read about the South Beach Diet. It made a lot sense to me. A balanced approach that I could live with in the long run. We did it together. I never could have done it without Ronda. She started cooking the South Beach way and made everything taste good. For my part, I gave up the candy addiction I’ve had forever. The first two weeks (phase one) are the most difficult as you detox your body from sugar. I lost 14 lbs during phase one. Since then I have continued to lose 2-3 lbs a month. Overall, I’ve dropped 30 lbs in five months.

I heartily recommend the South Beach Diet. It has made a big difference in my life; I feel a lot better about myself, I look a lot better, and I’m getting more exercise. And, yes, it has worked equally as well for Ronda.