Spring Tidings

April has always been the start of Spring in my personal calendar. كازينو مباشر Although it still looks very much like winter outside I know that it will change rapidly. It’s been awhile since I’ve written… several things have gotten accomplished in the past month or so.

Josh finally got the rest of the suspension work done on his truck. The back half was considerable easier than the front and he was able to finish it up in one weekend. He also took the opportunity to drop the gas tank and repair a small leak. jackpot city The tank had been repaired earlier by someone and the one area had weakened and developed a leak. We debated about trying to weld it but decided it was a bit risky despite several ‘tricks’ one can do to make it less explosive. We decided to let JB-Weld it and JB did a good job 😉 The brakes also got replaced and now Josh is driving it. He has a few more things to take care of yet before he takes it up and tries to drive it up the side of a mountain but it’s real close now.

Another project that Josh and Kristina have embarked upon is a screen-printing business. Kristina is doing the art work and Josh is printing up the T-shirts. This kitchen-counter operation was not producing the expected quality so Josh designed his own printing press and we made a trip one Saturday morning down to the local metal scrapyard hunting for materials. We came home with about 90lbs of miscellaneous steel and Josh proceeded to build up a press. He is really getting quite handy with a welder. This once again turned the Grimes Garage into what must look like a mad-scientist workshop to our neighbors up on the bluffs. Josh works past dark and has to leave the garage door open to dispell the welding fumes/smoke. ألعاب الكازينو The bright light of an arc welder is something else and at night it must make an interesting site to the neighbors. I wonder how many people up there asked themselves.. ‘I wonder what they’re doing down there?’

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  1. I’ve heard stories about the things those mountain folks do!

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