Spring Update

The months have flown by and I’ll try to encapsulate a Spring Update.

Kristina enrolled at the University of Colorado – Denver in their Art program during January and has now completed her first semester. She enjoyed most of her classes and is looking forward to more art classes in the fall. She is living and working a part-time job in downtown Denver which is where the campus is located.

Josh and Selenda are busy in Pueblo with horses, work, and school. Selenda finished up her MBA this semester and we went down for the graduation in May. Josh continues to work an internship at BF Goodrich and has been responsible for the design of some new machinery.

Rhonda continues to work her nutritional products business, keep the home in order, and support our home fellowship group from church.

I’ve been pretty busy between work and my activities with Engineers Without Borders. ITT has been affected along with so many other companies and we had some downsizing take place this spring. We have not been able to replace several programs that have wound down and now we will be moving to a new building as the one we have is oversize with the limited work we still have. The program I am working on should still be viable out to 2012 so no immediate concerns on my job. We’ve just finished up some final testing of the system before we deliver the first one to the Govt.

A lot of my free time this spring has been consumed with getting prepared for the Bolivia trip with Engineers Without Borders. The project lead got transferred to Sacramento and I ended up taking responsibility for the trip. We coordinated a time that three of the Cadets from the Air Force Academy student chapter could go with us and finally got all of ducks in a row for a May 16th departure. I’ll write a separate article about the trip.

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  1. Hello so good to find you both again!
    Harold and Sherri Mosier

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