Spring has definitely sprung here in Colorado. I managed to get out and rake up our rather small back yard on Saturday and throw down some grass seed. It needs it bad. The winter was not kind to it. Well, actually… it was the dog that was not kind to it. There are plenty of other places in the back yard that do not qualify as “yard” since much of it is singularly lacking in “grass”. Certainly a much more desirable place for the dog to do her “business”. But nooo…… she has to do it right on the grass.

Today we got both vehicles washed up. The first “real” wash job since last fall. It’s nice to see there really is a shine underneath that winter road film. We have ended up switching vehicles. Ronda now drives the furthest so she takes the Caddy which get surprisingly good gas mileage. I will start riding a bike to work pretty soon which gets even better gas mileage. I will enjoy pedaling past the 7-11 and smiling at the pumps. 😉

Halfway done with the Spring Term. Got through my midterm a few weeks ago. It was a nuisance. Ruined an entire weekend. Still don’t have a grade back yet but I think it will be good. I will need to get started on my term project pretty soon. Blasted classes….. seems like every one has had a term project!

We’ve had a number of guests through here in the past month. I was hoping to get some film developed before I wrote anything but that doesn’t seem to be happening very fast. Michael Ginn stopped on his way to Arizona early in March and we had a nice visit with him. That was the week prior to starting my new job so I had the flexibility of spending some time with him in the middle of the week. The weather cooperated so Michael and I went for a short hike over by Cheyenne Mountain. Then Ronda’s brother Terry and his family came out for the weekend on a rather impromptu visit. It was good to see everyone and once again we were blessed with some very springlike weather so off we went out into the woods and wore everyone out stomping around the mountains. It was a short but sweet visit. Then Michael stopped again for an overnighter on his way back from Arizona. It’s been nice to have the company.

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  1. Wow it really sounds like life is good, except for the price of fuel that is, it’s even pretty high here in the I of A. Best wishes with work, lawn work, and home work! My finals are coming up fast, and you were right differential equations are difficult but not as bad as I had anticipated. Then again all we do at Simpson are the ODEs we don’t have enough time for the PDEs. Anyway God Bless and I hope to see you someday when things settle down a bit!

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