Staging Is Over and the Adventure Begins!

Well, here we are in one of our favorite spots – Buena Vista, CO!! We left the fire behind this AM with 70-75% containment!! Thankfully there has been rain everyday since Friday. Everyone we know has returned to their homes safely. Everywhere you go though, some one has a story of their friends that evacuated. At our lunch stop in the lovely town of Florissant, a rancher came in to The Costillo Street Coffee House to visit someone and spoke about how their friend from Black Forest moved all their horses and cattle here to their ranch. It is just one story of how far reaching the fire, as any disaster, affects people. We forget how connected we all really are. The owner of our RV Park also had a story, his high school classmate was one of those in Black Forest who lost everything. His friend’s house was one of the 500+ homes to burn. The only one burned on their block! The oddities of disaster.

The point of going to Colorado Springs was to celebrate a birthday with our Wendi, see her Mom, Janette- back on Summer break from ministry school at Bethel in Redding, California, see our Grands and wrap up the last details of ‘The Glorious Adventure Plan’ before launching West. We still needed to shed one more time, get our kingpin extended allowing enough clearance between the truck (Clifford)/trailer on corners and add some “spring helpers”. Clifford is a truck, after all and spring helpers soften his ride a bit and minimize the bouncing uneven roads often cause. Because of who we are, bouncing roads are a part of life. We don’t often choose the road most traveled…..

Most of our goals were accomplished and, once here, we immediately found ourselves at the Cottonwood Hot Springs for a long soak and, with a day pass, the opportunity to return for more soaking later in the day!