Summer Again

Time has been flying by. School is out now, we’ve squeezed in a vacation already, summer is here. Quite a lot has happened over the past few months and we need to get some articles written!

I finished up my two classes around mid-May. They were both quite a bit more work than I had hoped and kept me very busy in the evenings and weekends. That leaves me with four more to go and I’ll be finished. ivermectina 4 tabletas precio farmacia del ahorro

We’ve had a houseguest for several months. A friend of Ronda relocated back to Colorado Springs and we assisted by providing her with a place to live until she got settled in. Jennifer helped us with number of interior decorating ideas and even painted all the woodwork in the house which I have been putting off for a long time. We decided it was time for a “new look” and have purchased several pieces of art, lighting fixtures, repainted, and redecorated. It is amazing how many things you accumulate over the years and never seem to get rid of. ivermectina porto alegre

Ronda and I went up to Ft Collins to visit my Uncle Bill and had a really great time. We all went hiking up Roaring Creek trail, had some excellent food, and wonderful fellowship. On the way home we detoured into RockyMountain National Park and went on another hike up to Emerald Lake. It’s really as beautiful place. We looked at this as a warm-up for our extended camping trip wich we took just prior to the Memorial Day holiday weekend. We went as far as the Grand Canyon, saw many incredible vistas, and had a wonderful time together. More details forthcoming when I get some of my film developed.

I just got back from a trip out east. We had to fly out and meet with some government folks in Maryland. The meetings were productive but the travel was awful. We sat on the plane for 4 hours in Baltimore before finally getting airborne for Chicago. By the time we arrived our connecting flight was long gone and we had to stay overnight and get the first flight out in the morning. It was all weather related so there is little to gripe about, but I sure am glad I do very little traveling in this job.

Ronda and Kristina have gone back to Iowa this weekend to see family/friends and celebrate Ben Newburns graduation. Seens to be a lot of travel happening all at once! como tomar ivermectina para piojos