Summer Highlights

ITT Moves – Our company is moving to new facilities next week. Due to some organizational changes the building we are in has become too large for what’s left of us. So…we are relocating to a smaller office space. The new space is a little further away from home but not much. The project I work on still needs a large space for the big antennas until our contract is finished so they have also leased a warehouse down by the airport. Not terribly convenient but we’ll make do.

Odd Health Stuff – This seems to be my summer to be broken. The 1st of July I suffered a sudden hearing loss which also affected my equilibrium. The doc thinks it was labrynthitis but it’s one of those things that they really have trouble diagnosing. Whatever the case it has been a huge nuisance and has made me overly grouchy. It’s only just in the last few weeks that I have been able to walk normally again without feeling like I was going to fall over. The hearing loss has accelerated my need for hearing aids. No longer optional. My audiologist gave me a test where you repeat back words she reads from a list. It tests your ability to distinguish consonants. I got around 40 percent of them right. Huh? What’d you say?

Then my shoulder started acting up. It’s been giving me some grief for six months or so but now it’s gotten worse. Seems to be a rotor cuff inflammation. I’m going to have to really baby it for a while to get it back where it belongs.

Daniel and KristinaKristina Gets Engaged – Daniel finally popped the question and the answer was Yes! The wedding will be in San Diego on November 28th. Not much in the way of details at the moment but it is expected to be a small ceremony with just immediate family. More news on that as it develops. We are excited for them to make this significant life-changing commitment and look forward to much adventure and a new “son in love” in the future.

Daniel has just recently finished a rather long series of training courses that qualify him to be a Specialized Amphibious Reconnaissance Corpsman (SARC). He will provide medical support to the Marine Corps special forces units. It was a pretty grueling training regimen and we are proud of him for completing it. He has received his orders for San Diego and that is where the happy couple will reside.

Atlanta Trips – There have been several trips to Atlanta this summer for more antenna testing. These are pretty low key events and I’ve not really minded the travel. Helps to build up some frequent flyer miles. One of these days I need to actually use some of them. One more trip to go next week and then we’ll be done.

Engineers Without Borders – We elected a new set of chapter officers to pick up the responsibility of running the chapter. I am already enjoying having less responsibility. We are now starting to work on the design proposals for the projects in Suncallo. I have been helping with that and plan to stay engaged in the project.

Josh and Selenda – moved to a new house this summer which allows them to have their horses right on the property. This has been particularly helpful since Shady injured her leg pretty badly and has needed constant care. Josh created a website which showcases many of his projects. Have a look –>

Camping and Hiking – haven’t done much of it this year due to the health problems. We did get out a couple of times and it was enjoyable. I sure do miss it though. I read in the local paper where the Oil Creek tunnel was closed off and can no longer be explored. Hated to see that happen but I’m glad we got to experience the whole thing. read about it here: Oil Creek Tunnel Hike