Summer is winding down

Doesn’t seem possible that summer is winding down already. It has been a very busy time for me at work. I have been transferred over to the Systems Engineering department at ITT and have some new and demanding responsibilities. It has required a fair amount of overtime and travel recently.

Several trips to Ft Huachuca, AZ (south of Tuscon) to setup a system for security testing and a trip to Ft Meade, MD to brief NSA.

Have not accomlished any camping trips and only a few hiking trips this summer (bummer).

Back in school again taking a course in Systems Analysis, Design, and Modeling.

Sold our old Jeep and bought another one just like it. We had such good luck with it I decided to try for seconds. This one is green and only has 92K miles but is identical otherwise.

Josh and Kristina relocated across town when their lease ran out on the townhouse. They like their new place a lot better but it’s a longer commute.

Thats’ all for now.