The Conclave – the premier British Car event in Colorado

The timing finally worked out to attend the premier British Car event in Colorado. The Colorado English Motoring Conclave is the largest and best-known British motoring event in the Rocky Mountains. This year was the 28th annual event and it started out with the Ride Through the Rockies on Saturday. A regular event, the tour takes you on an enjoyable drive along some of the less traveled and twisty roads in the foothills. The tour route is kept secret until the directions are handed out Saturday morning. We met up with our friends Randy and Mimi that morning and joined a very long line of cars departing for the mountains.

Ready to RollWho is having more fun

The route did not disappoint as we found ourselves on some very interesting roads in parts of the foothills I didn’t even know existed. قوانين الروليت The tour ended at a nice restaurant back in the Western Suburbs where we enjoyed a nice lunch as the rain clouds began moving in from the west. The drive home was through a pounding rainstorm and the Jag got all filthy. It never totally stop raining that day and consequently, we did not get the car cleaned up for the show on Sunday.

Sunday dawned clear, sunny, and warm. betfinal com We went on over to the car show anyway which is held at Oak Park in Arvada, CO. The number of cars and marques represented at the show is simply amazing. I don’t know the exact numbers for this year but was told that typically there are over 500 cars. We wandered about looking at the Triumphs, which I have a special fondness for, and ended up having a nice chat with Lavonne Peterson about her 1962 TR4. Lavonne told us that she and her husband Dale had purchased the car new while they were living in Minnesota and have kept it all these years. The car is in immaculate condition and I couldn’t leave without dropping the hint that I sure would like to purchase it if they ever decided to sell it 😉

1962 TR4TR4 Interior

We saw many fine examples of Lotus, MG, Austin Healey, Sunbeam, Morgan, Rolls Royce, and of course Jaguars. I was particularly fascinated by a Jaguar MkII Saloon that looked like it would be a lot of fun. العاب بوكر The Lotus Caterham Seven has always looked like it would be blast to drive as well.

Jaguar MkII SaloonLotus Caterham Seven.jpg