The Dallas Socialites!

Roman-on-slideOur schedule was packed when we arrived but got rearranged several times with schedule conflicts and sick kiddos. The Browns have had more than their share of strep throat and it hit again before Amy, Roman and Esther could come out to the lake to play with us. We had a lot of catching up to do with electronic media and email so it was a welcome change. It did however, mean all our commitments with the Browns would change and we would not get to see Samuel. That part was sad for sure. Matt has not seen Samuel since Christmas! They were part of why we stayed so close to Dallas all winter. The day was sunny and warm but we were tucked into a lovely shaded, cool, oak grove and got lots done. I even went for a bike ride!

A funny thing had happened that AM. We were sound asleep enjoying the quiet of the park. We had heard a Tom turkey last night as we sat by the fire. Yes, A FIRE!! A CAMPFIRE!! In all the months on the road, we have had only a handful of campfires. There have been either fire bans everywhere or no fire rings. We LOVE our campfires so this is a red letter camping spot for sure! Back to the turkey. We had heard both deer and a turkey in the woods while enjoying our fire.

The first morning, I hear distant gobble, gobble several times about 6 AM and it is headed our way. It was silent for quite a while and then I hear, gobble gobble right next to the trailer. I crack the blinds to see him standing 3 feet from the trailer, under my bedroom window, staring at me from one eye! He turns, strutting over to my picnic table, about 20 feet away, and proceeds to hop up in the middle of the top! Still not enough show for him, he flexes his tail feathers at me in full array, turns to the trailer and says, gobble gobble about 6 times. I am cracking up and wishing it wasn’t so dark out so I could capture this for posterity! It was a stitch!! His point made, he hopped down and strutted away, tail feathers flexed. I found out later that the Camp Host, next to us, feeds him. They have a regular zoo over there every morning and evening. He returned several other times to their house and ours.

We were able to connect with Donna Renae, our former Home Group participant for lunch and caught up on all of her beginning Chiropractic School adventures. She is doing exceptionally well at Parker University and starts her doctorate program this next week! We are so proud! She will do a fabulous job as a Chiropractor and we were able to share a little bit about BodyTalk with her. She was familiar and very excited that we may be able to work together at some point! So are we!

Amy-EstherAmy and the kiddos came out to see us for lunch, a play date and a hike. It was SO good to see them! Both Roman and Esther have grown so much! It was fun to hear about Romans music activity, see his spaceship (the toy of the moment!), enjoy digging in the sand with him. Esther is walking and just growing up into a toddler, eating table food – swallowing wonderfully (PTL!!) Amy shared about life post-election and all they have learned. It is great to see how they are maturing as parents, building their relationship and stepping into leadership to help other military families at their church. Samuels business is moving forward and defining itself as it matures. Exciting times for sure!

One of the great things about BodyTalk is that you have family almost anywhere you go! In Dallas, where we started our BT life, there are several friends and mentors there. They have been influential and helpful with so many aspects of life and moving into BT as a business and a wellness lifestyle. We got caught in traffic and missed our Qi Gong class in the AM but met practioners afterwards to work on life and BT until mid afternoon. We both get a lot out of sessions with other BTers. It is always a good confirmation we are doing something life changing to help others as our lives are being changed. It was an action packed several days but the excitement builds as we head back to Bowie, TX and the Crockett Ranch in the AM! We would love to stay here longer. There are opportunities to see friends and loved ones, study with others but we have to stay on schedule or not fulfill our commitments on the way to Montana.