The Excitement Builds!

I feel almost like Santa Claus as I check my list once, twice, three times….have I remembered everything? We are packing and making final preparations for our trip to California tomorrow and Kristina’s wedding on Saturday. We will meet for a Thanksgiving dinner after traveling, pick up Kristina’s ‘sister’ who is also the Matron of Honor, Rose Miller, and her family from the train, and last but not least, attend an open house at Daniel and Kristina’s “California parents’ home”, the Enders. It will be a long but wonderful day full of blessings to be thankful for! We are tired all ready from the preparations but we can sleep later. To be sharing this weekend with Daniel and Kristina, the Brown family, the Enders and the Millers is such a blessing, I am sure we will float through the time.

The days have flown by since Daniel asked us for Kristina’s hand in marriage July 12th. It has been fast and furious! Kristina has been sick two of the almost 4 weeks she has lived in California. A lot of things she thought she would have time for have had to be compressed into smaller blocks of time or abandoned all together. Twenty four hours are just not enough hours in a day when you are trying to furnish your first home, finish wedding plans, and trying to enjoy being with your fiance who works a sporadic schedule.

Hopefully most of the preparations are in place and we can have some relaxing family time in California!