The “other” Jeep Project

I made some progress today on my “other” Jeep project. The Comanche pickup I bought last November was not intended to be a long term vehicle. I bought it to provide something for Kristina to drive while she saved her money to buy her own vehicle and because living on an acreage it’s just plain handy to have a truck. I figured to sell it once we moved to Colorado. Here’s what it looked like –
The day we brought it home

Getting it cleaned up has been a major project. It sat under a tree for a couple of years before I rescued it and the crud seemed to have gotten in everywhere. But it is coming clean with some heavy duty cleaner and elbow grease. I have the interior all done except for the upholstery and carpet.

The exterior is quite another story. I’ve been working on the easy parts like grinding off some surface rust and touching up the paint. The body is typical of a Jeep that lived it’s whole life in Iowa. Quite a bit of rust. A lot of it I will be able to take care of but those nasty spots over the rear wheels wells… I’m not sure how to tackle.

The front was was looking pretty rough as the trim pieces has rusted badly and the bumper was munched up. So, encouraged by my success on the Cherokee, I pulled the front off, cleaned up and repainted the rusty trim, the grill, and headlight surrounds. Then I made another trip to the junkyard and grabbed another front bumper. Then I put it all back together. It looks 100% better. I also cleaned up the engine compartment.

Tomorrow I’m going to take the paint code and go buy a pint of automotive paint. I think I can use my airbrush to repaint some of the larger areas where I ground off some the surface rust.