The Preacher Cometh!

One of the treats in our lives is any interaction we might have with any part of the Ginn family. God put us together several years ago when Michael came back to the states from the Czech Republic for medical care and needed a place to stay. That stay in our home, marked our lives forever as friends. Though painful for Michael (and us as we watched his pain), we all walked away from it richer, deeper. Being with Michael is always a challenge! You have to know Michael’s passion for the Word and Jesus to understand that comment. It is a good thing! As time has passed, we have been blessed by the friendship that bloomed between our families.

It was with excitement that we received a call from Michael to inquire if the Grimes Bed and Breakfast had availability in March for a preacher to stay as he traveled to Arizona to speak. Of course, we couldn’t turn down a traveling preacher, so we threw the other guests out and let Michael stay with us. Be forwarned if you are staying with us and a preacher calls you will be at the Hilton instead. Just kidding!

Michael and his family are the greatest to interact with. Unfortunately, this time it was just Michael and not his family. We missed hearing chicken and horse stories through Caleb and Hannah! I missed talking flowers and horses with Mary as well as, the things we always share about the Lord and how He is working in our lives.

Michael, however, had plenty of stories to tell about the Holy Land as he had been asked to go and share the teachings of Jesus in the the places they actually took place. It was with great emotion, Michael shared about giving the Sermon on the Mount at the Mount and being at the tomb where Jesus was laid. Michael, you never cease to challenge and bless us just by your passion and wisdom.

It was a great day of sharing and the two guys got in a hike on a lovely day as well as all the fellowship. Michael stayed with us on his return trip several weeks later. He was trying to get home for Easter and surprise Mary and the kids so it was just a short overnight. Michael, Mary, and family we are praying for you as God gives you wisdom and direction into what He has for your future. I trust that our loving Father has great and wonderful things for you! Jer 29:11-13

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