Things arent so easy…

Hello everyone!!

Thought I would stop by the ol Misty Castle and give you all an update on whats REALLY up in Colorado.
Mom and Dad make everything seem sooOOOooo glorious. But I’ll tell you what people, its not easy! Its not easy waking up every day and looking at these snow covered mountains, basking in the sunshine and thinking…”man this place is cool”. This is not light stuff. Seriously.

*rolls eyes* Alright, im done being dramatic for a bit.

Actually things are finally starting to come together for me here in the ol C of O. I got a job working the front desk at a Veda Salon here in the springs. The job its self is not much to brag on but the people I work with are a fantastic good time. Heck, part of my “training” this week was to get a free massage and facial. Believe you me, it was Ah-mazing. ๐Ÿ™‚

Im also waiting tables at a Bar & Grill near my house, for a bit of extra bling in my pockets. Its basically a sports bar so we get a lot of the crazed Bronco fanatics on the weekend..which makes for a pretty amusing and fast paced time..I enjoy it.

Theres actually been a lot of other things changing in my life as well, God has been challenging me in almost every aspect of my life. I’ve let a lot of things slip over the past several years and it continues to be a process to get me scraped off the pavement and put back together.

I believe God has given me a real understanding of how beautiful He truly thinks his daughters are.. and perhaps in the future – a ministry opportunity for me to bless his beloved girls. This may sound a bit odd to you, but its something I’m just beginning to unravel. I own several books about the value of a woman, but I’ve never read any of them. So I’m delving into anything I can find, with this sudden thirst for insite on a womans worth through GODS eyes. I dont think its any coincedence that I got this job at Veda. I see so many women every day, some are overly confidant in their outer beauty which takes away any ability for the rest of us to see her inner beauty. Some radiate from something, somewhere inside..from some happiness that makes them impossibly beautiful to the eye. Every woman wants to be beautiful, whether they admit to it, or say they care or not..there is a place inside every single woman that longs to be called beautiful. We were made that way.

So heres to our search for beauty. ๐Ÿ™‚ May you discover it not in the sweet nothings of a lover, in the disguise of foundation, eye liner and mascara, or in the lies we tell ourselves to make life easier. Instead may you find your true worth and beauty, wrapped in the arms of a Heavenly Father who loves you more than you need to understand, and who is thrilled by your striking and overwhelming beauty.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!

Love Always..that one crazy girl..
Kristina Marie

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