This and That – Winter Yuck

Life sure gets full when you take two night classes in addition to a full-time job. المتأهلين لكأس العالم للأندية 2023 One nice side effect of this was my old PC that I use for school couldn’t handle the new Java development environment so I was forced (arm twisted and tied behind my back) to go buy a new one. Dang. What a shame.

It’s truly amazing the computer power you can buy these days for not a whole lot of money. Needless to say I am very pleased with the upgrade. Things that used to give me time to go get a cup of coffee now snap right up on the screen. 365 رياضة I also dumped my 19″ CRT in favor of a 19″ LCD display and now I have considerably more deskspace to pile up papers!

I do have one negative thing to report. I bought a textbook last fall in anticipation of the course this spring. I ordered the correct edition but when the book arrived I never really looked at it, just put it on the shelf. خريطة رالي داكار السعودية 2024 Now two weeks into the course I discover that they shipped me the wrong edition. And of course they don’t respond to my emails. GRRRR….

What is with these textbooks anyway. I can understand why some of my textbooks would be expensive. I am taking graduate courses in a specialized field. But Josh just signed up for a basic Algebra course at the local community college and his text book was $100. For an elementary, fundamentals course? That’s absolutely crazy! What are they thinking?

Winter is definitely getting annoying. Might as well be back in the Midwest the way this winter has been shaping up. Hopefully things will get back to normal pretty soon. I’ve gotten spoiled over the last two years 😉