Time for Healing and Rest

Turns out I messed up my back some while playing monkey-mechanic on the truck. I had purchased some SummoSpring helpers to give the rear suspension of the truck some extra capacity when towing the trailer but had not had the facilities to work on it. One (bad) thing about this constant downsizing is fewer and fewer tools! I was counting on using the Auto Hobby Shop at the Air Force Academy and it worked out that Wednesday morning was free. I was up there when they opened and got one of the Lube bays first so I could change the oil. That went fine and I then moved the truck over to bay #12 which had a lift.

By all respects this is supposed to be a simple thing. One nut to be loosened and removed which allows the rubber “spring” to drop out and then simply install the new one. Ha Ha Ha…right. It would not come off and I ran out of time and had to stop so Rhonda could use the truck that afternoon. So…back up there Saturday morning and several hours of working under the lift in varying degrees of monkey-like contortions and it was finally done. But so was I as it turned out…by noon of the next day I was hurtin fer certain.

View from Camper Window - Collegiate PeaksWe were scheduled to pull out on Monday morning and head for Buena Vista and with Rhonda doing the bulk of the work we managed to make it happen. the “staging” is over and “The Adventure” truly begins now! By mid day we were headed west, up Ute Valley Pass on Hwy 24, towards the Mountains. This also happened to coincide with an afternoon thunderstorm which hampered our travels and got the truck and trailer filthy. But we made it! The truck pulled the rig up the hills without any hesitation and we arrived at the Arkansas River Rim campground in a few hours. It didn’t take too long to set up and we spent the evening relaxing.

Tuesday was a day we had been waiting for. A long time actually. This sounds a bit silly but neither of us has had a bath in nearly 9 months! One of the side-effects of our move to Brighton was a bathroom that only had a shower. I prefer showers, if the truth be known, but on occasion there is nothing like a good hot soak. So this little luxury had been missing for awhile. Now, there is a place just outside of Buena Vista called the Cottonwood Hot Springs. We’ve been there several times before usually after a hiking or snowshoeing adventure and it is just awesome! We went over in the morning and bought a day pass. Spent an hour or so soaking in the different pools (some cooler, some hotter) and then went back that evening for a second round!

The original plan was to pull out on Wednesday morning but we decided my back would benefit from one more day of rest so we held off another day.