Try Try Again

The Good news is: I am going to try once again to start keeping the website up to date.
The Bad news is: I am NOT going to try and write articles on all the major events that have transpired since the last article.

Instead, here is a very concise update…

June 2010 – We took off on a nice camping trip to the Moab, Utah area. Had our usual series of adventures and misadventures. I actually did write an article about this trip but can’t find what I did with it. If I find it I will publish it.

August 2010 – We became Grandparents! Josh and Selenda brought a new baby boy into the world. The poor little guy had a rough go of it for the first few months but is doing great now. We are all very happy and proud. Will work on getting some pictures posted.

September 2010 – Mad dash trip back to Iowa for a visit. Good to see everyone and darn near got killed on the way home. Good defensive driving by Rhonda in the middle of the night in the middle of Kansas saved the day (night?) as we came upon an accident in the middle of the Interstate.

October 2010 – Things start looking shaky at work. News from corporate HQ sounds suspicious.

November 2010 – Daniel comes home safely from Afghanistan. Bad news confirmed at ITT. They will be closing our facility. I accept a severance package rather than stick around.

December 2010 – Interview for a new job with Raytheon but take a short-term consulting position doing computer security work out at Vandenberg AFB, CA. Spend Christmas with the Brown family in Omaha.

January 2011 – Fly out to California and start work. Rhonda drives out to join me and we have fun poking around the California Central Coast. Got to watch a big rocket launch at Vandenberg.

February 2011 – Raytheon calls me and offers me the job. I accept. This requires relocating to Aurora, CO. Drive back to Colorado and start working to put the house on the market.

March 2011 – Sell house for full price the first weekend its listed but have to be out by end of April. Get sick of commuting from Colorado Springs to Aurora ( 1:20 minutes each way).

April 2011 – Jen Stellema comes to visit. Find house to rent in Aurora and move

May 2011 – Unpack (well, mostly) and get settled in. Beginning to feel like home again. Nice little 10 minute commute to work.

So there you have it. It’s been a whirlwind but things should settle down now.