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I have been in trouble with the resident webmaster for some time because I have not written anything for the website in ‘a long time’. This morning as I looked at the website and my page, I realized the webmaster (Matt) is right, as usual! It was May 1 when I posted last! Gracious! Where have the days gone! There are many changes and I need to get updating. If my children read this I will remind them that they TOO need to be updating. There is so much in their lives that is changing or has. God is moving mightily in our family. كريستيانو رونالدو عنده كم سنه

Change is good. I have not often felt that it was or even been willing to embrace it but I have learned that change is good. At least for me. Us. I have found, though, that one of the reasons I do not like change is that it is unsettling. In this season of time, God desires His children turn only to Him and rely on Him. I believe that the season is coming where we will only be able to trust God’s voice for, possibly, our very lives. We are getting an opportunity to allow Him, in less stressful times than what is coming, to show us what it is like to relax in Him so that we may hear, trust and obey Him.

That has meant a lot of changes in my life. The ministry of Messenger International continued to grow and change over the summer. It was an exciting, full, and exigent time. Lisa Bevere’s new book was extremely challenged at that time. From the completion of it, the editing, the battle over the title and just getting all the details that God wanted the way He wanted them. WOW! What a battle!! God reigned in it all though and the book, Fight Like A Girl!, is now wrapped up and slated for release in early Spring. If the pieces of the book I have discussed with Lisa are any representation, which I am sure they are, it will set a lot of the female population on its ear or possibly, their faces before God. It will not be in conviction but in restoration of what the enemy has taken from women and our culture.

The ministry continues to charge forth but without me. God made it very clear that it was time for me to resign in August. I was there to help birth Lisa’s book, help define the relatively new Partner Relations Department, and help clean up the database. It was a very full and rewarding opportunity that tested and molded me in many ways. طول كريستيانو رونالدو I learned a great deal being around John and Lisa Bevere and the staff. Those are people I was honored to be in battle beside. I still see some of the staff at church and socially but miss the day-to-day interaction. May God continue to richly bless Messenger and multiply Himself through their mission.

This summer was very full with working full time outside of our home. My commute was lengthened a great deal by vacation traffic through the city and the construction season. My 35-minute commute often became an hour and that part I DO NOT miss! Hiking on weekend and doing some camping, as well as the shopping, meetings, chiropractor visits and just life stuff life was and is full. I heard someone say at a wedding yesterday that a good life philosophy is ‘You can sleep when you are dead!’ Well, I can understand the thought behind it. Not sure I totally agree. It was hard to get a long nights sleep during that time!

Kristina was here for Father’s Day and then came again in August with friends for a camping/sightseeing road trip. We had an awesome hike on Pikes Peak, which is documented here, on the site. It was just wonderful being with her, hearing her laugh and tell stories as only she can tell them! We are anticipating her arrival in the Springs to live here. No date is set yet but it should be the first part of November. Kristina will share the townhouse with her brother. It is something they have long desired – sharing life and common space! God only knows what we will all get ourselves into now!!

Josh received a medical retirement from the Coast Guard in August. كوره اولين He took leave in July and drove to the Springs to job/apartment/house hunt while his orders were processed. He was contacted by a Colorado Springs based technology company about a job opportunity here before he left Florida. He met with them three days after he arrived and was offered a job as a Electronics Technician. They were graciously willing to accept his sporadic schedule in July – giving him time off for a return trip to Florida for military out-processing and the wedding of a good friend.

Josh had hoped for more of a ‘vacation’ time before he actually went to work. His body had been taxing him for some time and he was so tired from all the travel and rigors of the retirement process. He did take a week or so off for vacation before he went to work. Matt and I moved our vacation time so we could go camping with Josh up in the mountains. Josh ended up getting a cold and the higher elevations did not sound like a good idea with a head cold. We decided to revamp the plan and ‘vacation at home’ doing what we enjoy – taking local hikes, talking over a coffee, and sitting in the Colorado sun on our patio. Sounds real riveting but it is very relaxing and the scenery at home or away is always gorgeous!

By the time Josh left for Florida to retrieve his possesions and out-process from the military, he had recovered from his cold and gotten a few days work in at Thermo. He had located a nice, affordable townhouse big enough for all of his electronic projects with a little space for his sister who had decided to join him here. His patio has a great view of Pikes’ Peak and the Rampart Range. Matt wrote about the cross-country moving adventure here on the website in August. It was quite a time! A memory that will not be forgotten soon! Josh is moved in to the townhouse for the most part and getting ready for the arrival of his sis.

Thermo Electron is providing a great challenge for Josh. He is putting a lot of his former knowledge to work and getting the opportunity to travel, which he is enjoying for the most part. He is a little impatient with national travel as he has covered a lot of the US already and is anxious for the International travel portion. He has not been to Europe, the Far East or Australia and those look like possibilities now. Thermo Electron has generators all over the World. You can learn more about Thermo at www.thermo.com.

Well this has been several days in the processing so I will publish it and add to it later. Promise. Blessings to you all!

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  1. It is good to hear about your lives Ronda… I miss your optimistism and energy! Can I forward this on to the gals in the choir? I know they would love to know what you all are up too. One thing wasn’t clear….is Christina going to live in Florida or Colorado..I do enjoy keeping in touch through the web page…Question…what is the altitude of Colorado Springs?
    love you sister!

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