Walk in the Woods

Took Abby for little walk up in Ute Valley Park today. She enjoys it immensely and I find it quite relaxing too. I have found a nice secluded place where the woods and rocks combine to form small sanctuaries. Little restful places where you can sit on the rocks in the midst of the pine trees, soak up the sunshine, and smell the earth and woods around you.

It seems to be a favorite spot for the deer too. Lots of tracks and “piles”. Today I came upon a small group of them. They were standing perhaps 25 yards away through the brush. I had brought my digital camera with me and I quickly got ready to catch them leaping away. I didn’t figure it would take Abby long to catch their scent but surprisingly she did not. They soon decided to move on and I tried to snap several pictures but was ultimately frustrated by the stupidities of digital photography. Simply put the camera refuses to take pictures when you press the shutter button. It always seems to want to think about for a minute. Unfortunately, by the time it decided to cooperate the moment was gone.

I’ve interviewed for several more positions lately. One was a three-month contract conducting software quality control tests on nuclear missle launch systems. That would have been interesting to learn about but I did not get selected and probably just as well. It was a night shift and several other better opportunites have come along since. I am waiting to hear back on two different positions in the Information Assurance field that are full-time. One of them is over at a Schriever AFB working with the Integrated Missle Defense program and the other is with ITT Industries where I would be working on a number of different programs. I really want the ITT position because it would provide more challenge and variety, not to mention that it is only a mile or so from the house.

Ironically, the position with Booz Allen Hamilton that originally brought me here and then slowly withered away has suddenly surfaced again. They called last week and wanted to know if I was still available. It seems the govt. has decided maybe they do want to pursue that project after all. It may pan out but I’m not going to hold my breath.