We Are So Truly Thankful!

This has been a year of great challenge but also great bounty and blessing! Most of all though it has been an opportunity to see God’s undeniable, ever present faithfulness! We are thankful for so many things that a list seems inadequate and sure to miss some important people or aspects of our lives. Many of you are often brought to mind and lifted before the Father for your needs at that moment or time as well as His provision for your life.

We are thankful for…………….

Friends – faithful and true, long relationships and short, the depth of them is felt here and now. Especially since we are in a new place and need the love and support of both those at a distance and those close at hand. We so value our memories from this summer and fall of those who came by as you traveled here and shared hugs, laughter, and tears. Whether you are the staff at our local Starbucks making us feel welcome and valued every time we splurge on a special night of coffee and sit for a chat or the long suffering friends that are there when we call or email missing the closeness of your warmth and wisdom. Your prayers and support are so valued!

Provision/Direction – this has been a year of following God as probably no other in our almost 28 years of marriage and in our almost half century lives. First to follow Him in all the details and timing in our move to Colorado, His call to be here, and all the challenges we have walked through with our kiddos this year. None of us are in the physical or spiritual locations that we were last Christmas! Josh is in Florida, and the rest of us are in Colorado! All our hearts are more tender and grateful to a God whom we have seen be faithful in ALL things as He has restored and blessed us as a family. My what a difference 365 days makes!

From selling one house to finding and buying another, selling/giving away/ planting our things to storing the ones we brought, finding friends and knowing neighbors, new doctors, ALL the details, God has so been there with wisdom, peace, and love. Many of the things written about on this site are testimonies to His greatness. We have had opportunity that few have in life to be with our grown children. To provide strength and wisdom in their seasons of need as they have strengthened us in ours. We have had many long chats, hikes, and just relaxed, long, morning ‘coffees’ on the patio in the wonderful Colorado sun. It has been a gift that God has given to all four of us and brought so much restoration to us all! I know we will all cherish those memories and the fruit that has grown out of them.

We are grateful for neighbors. Those who have blessed our home with their presence and those who have just had chats in the yard as we fixed a car or shared a story. Jerry and Sharon Radspinner are very special to us as they have opened their home to us but also they were the ones who restored our home from it’s previous life as a rental property. A labor of love that we know well after our project on 7th Street in Des Moines, ten years ago. Thank you, Radspinners! May God richly bless you for all the time and love you put into our home and us!
Prayer- We are so grateful for your support in prayer for without it, much of what has taken place could not have happened. You have eternal rewards as well as the lives we touch here are lives you touch as you lift us. Hopefully as you read our web site, you will realize that what we are is in result of your prayers for us. Thank you for loving us enough to pray. In the morning, in the night, whenever God leads. Bless you.

We also want to say ‘thank you’ to the Brown and the Ghoramly families for sharing their Thanksgiving Day with us. You blessed us with your love and hospitality. We all fixed dinner together and played games afterwards which brought much needed laughter! It was a day of blessing for the three of us. We will cherish our time and memories of you! That is the Thanksgiving celebration crew that is pictured here. Aren’t we wonderful looking, albeit, a bit chilly!