Who’s Coming to Dinner?

Last Saturday, while I was working with a customer at Chico’s, one of the ladies I work with handed me the phone and said ‘it’s Matt’. Matt does not call at either job unless something BIG is happening! When he does it always makes my breath catch just a bit. There have been a lot of things in the lives of his family recently and my mind began to reel. Silly me!! Sometimes I laugh at myself -woman of faith – sure you are! First, thinking the worst and then letting the spirit of fear in the door. Shame, shame!

When I answered the call, Matt informed me that Joshua’s lifetime friend, Peter Jaques, was in Denver and wanted to come spend the night with us. Now, THAT was light-years from where my mind had gone and what an awesome surprise!! Was I excited! We were not that busy in the store, I was allowed to leave early, and was fixing dinner when Pete arrived.

It is hard to pen all the feelings we had when Pete arrived! I had been a little homesick that week and so to have hugs from Iowa was a delight to be sure. Pete’s hugs, however are special and you have to understand Peter to understand how special they are. Pete seizes life by the ruff of the neck and shakes everything out of it that there is. His enthusiasm is so contagious! He loves the Lord and now he is in love with Megan as well. When Pete hugs you, those feelings are all felt and it is an intense moment. Not to mention that he brought a ‘spare hug’ from our Kristina! It was grand!!

We had dinner, laughed, and just shared all the stories of our lives. We told some childhood ones, too. Josh, I know a few things I did know before! We’ll talk later… It was grand to catch up on Pete’s life and the lives of his family. Peter is going to be married this summer to the lovely Megan. He is involved in exciting business ventures with his uncle, some here in Colorado. We hope those endeavors are successful and will bring him back again – maybe even with his wonderful bride.

Thanks, Pete, for blessing us with your visit. It was a grand time and a much needed time of fellowship from Iowa.

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