Windshield Time

The Thanksgiving weekend ends this evening and we’ve had a full day to recover from the whirlwind trip to Iowa. Ronda, Kristina, and I left early Wednesday morning and made the 11-hour drive back to Des Moines where we stayed with my folks. We enjoyed a nice dinner out that evening and celebrated my birthday.

During the next few days we visited a lot of family and friends, ate good turkey dinners, and overall had a very pleasant time even if it was a bit rushed. Thanks to everyone who made it an enjoyable experience! We headed back on Saturday morning and had an uneventful return journey.

Kristina has recently moved back to Colorado. She and Josh are sharing a townhouse about six blocks from our house. She is working “temp” jobs while hunting for a good full-time position. It is really nice having the whole family together again.

Next weekend we are going up into the Pike National Forest to cut down and bring home a Christmas tree. The Forest Service has certain areas desginated where you can do that.

Overall, things have been pretty quiet lately so there is not a whole lot to report on.