Winter Has Come!


It barely seems time for Labor Day to me for some reason this year. The leaves have not finished their seasonal shedding and their lovely fall color display. However, yesterday afternoon while I was trying to complete some late season painting and caulking, it started to rain. I cleaned up my mess and decided to run a few errands. The weather man has said spotty rain showers, well, he totally missed the call! There were scattered rain showers and then sleet. After an hour of those spotty rain showers and sleet, I looked out a store window to an inch of snow! The snow fell all evening at a fairly rapid pace and this morning there is more than 7 inches in the backyard! It paints such a lovely picture, the trees are flocked as if they were preparing for a Christmas party. I need to go get my snowshoes out and tromp around! It won’t last. The lovely Colorado sunshine will come out and make it all go away quickly. Wish you were here to see the beauty!