Winter Hike

Ronda and I decided we needed to get out and get some of that mountain air again. The forecast was calling for upper 50’s and clear skies so off we went for another hike down Gold Camp Road. Abby had to tag along as usual. 1xbet عربي

Some of the road was 100% snow covered but most of it was clear. The stream coming down from St Mary’s Falls was pleasant sight. betfinal com The surface had frozen over in most parts but there were a few holes here and there where the water was gurgling along. I had forgotten what a funny noise water makes as it runs along under the ice.

We stopped for awhile in our little “rest area” and soaked up some sunshine and snacked on some trail food. We then pressed on to see if we could find the second tunnel but had to give it up as the ‘ol legs were starting to complain. We’ve not been out for awhile and it showed.

All in all, a very refreshing experience.

One thought on “Winter Hike

  1. Wow! Wish we were there to appreciate all the beauty with you. Miss you guys and pray that you continue to do well! We are in the middle of a move to town, have sold our place for the 2nd time!!! And are waiting for the final papers and a move. Hope your Christmas and new year are full of joy, peace and all of God’s love. Miss you all! Sherry

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