Wintering at Cottonwood RV Park near Dripping Springs, TX

Cottonwood-Creek-RV-ParkThis little RV Park nestled in a slight depression in the Texas Hill Country has been our home for the past 4 months. A total of 35 sites are dispersed around main section of the park in five separate areas. There are lots of cedar and live oak trees making up small wooded areas such that each of the five areas seems like its own little community. We stayed in Site 22 for the whole time and had six to eight neighbors at any given time. There is also a mile-long nature trail that goes back into the woods to the rear of the property. Larry and Lee are the park managers and Larry helped us get settled in the first day and welcomed us to the park. Lee was recovering from heart surgery so we didn’t see him for awhile.

The slight depression made communications difficult as cell reception was basically non-existent. We purchased an external antenna and amplifier which I installed on a 15 foot mast which allowed us to get service as long as we stayed a few feet away from the amplified indoor antenna. Sure did make it hard to stay in touch with everyone though. Lots of dropped and garbled calls.

Three of our neighbors were there the entire time and we got to know several of them quite well. The Denman family was right next to us and they became very special to us and we developed a great love for James and Sarah and their wonderful children; Grace, Jessiah, and Samuel. Across the way we met Cindy and Lawton who also became close friends whom we had many special moments with; sharing life and much laughter around the campfire.

Much of our time was devoted to studying the BodyTalk materials in our ongoing work towards certification. January stayed abnormally cold even this far south so we didn’t get out too much and explore. February came and we flew out to the San Diego area to monitor the Fundamentals course and spend some time with Kristina and Daniel. We also enjoyed time spent with the Ender’s and Jamie’s parents too. Our study time paid off at the course as we really did pretty well with having the protocol chart memorized but it also was good reminder that we still have a lot to learn. The course was held at Miriam’s yoga studio in Encinitas which was a really pleasant and peaceful place. One and a half acres of gardens and trees create a wonderfully isolated and restful oasis amidst the hustle and bustle of southern California.

We had a short visit from Chuck and El Taylor in late February as they were working their way towards an RV Park in the Houston area. It was great to spend some time together and catch up on the Taylor happenings. We had a vacancy next to us so they were able to be right next door!

March arrived with several unexpected job opportunities. I was contacted by a former agency that I had done some consulting work with about a test engineering position that was short term and could be done remotely. This sounded pretty good so I updated my resume and applied. Rhonda happened across a craigslist posting for a Colorado-based womens clothing designer that needed a rep to conduct trunk shows in the southern Texas area for a couple of months. Being a fashion minded gal she decided to apply. Rhonda won the get-a-job contest and thus began a whirlwind tour of Texas for her. I became her admin and logistical support person and kept the home fires burning. The tour culminated in mid-April with an annual music festival (Old Settlers) in Driftwood, TX. I helped with this one as it required setup and teardown of a tent booth. Side benefit…I got free admission to the festival ๐Ÿ™‚

Thoughts of the summer began to intrude and we began looking at a couple of possibilities. We definitely wanted to be back in the mountains again so Colorado, New Mexico, and Montana became our areas of consideration. We contacted Jim and Mary, the owners of Travellers Rest where we workamped last fall in Darby, MT and let them know we would be interested in working again. I had been thinking seriously about SW Colorado, the Durango area in particular, but when we got the word that we would be welcome back in Montana we both felt that was the right place to be. We will bring our tent and backpacking gear with us this time so we can more effectively explore the Bitterroot Wilderness and finally get up to Glacier NP.

So, yesterday found us packing up and heading north again. Our destination awaits a mere 1,850 miles or so away. We will take our time getting there. We drove to a nice Corps of Engineers campground on Lewisville Lake a little north of Dallas and will stay here for a week. Then we will head towards Colorado Springs and eventually make our way back to Montana by the first week in June.