Workamping in Darby, MT

Workamping in Darby, MT

Workamping, a contraction of “work camping” is a form of RV camping involving singles, couples or families who work part-time or full-time. The people who are Workamping can be called Workampers. A Workamper combines part-time or full-time paid or volunteer work with RV camping. Workampers generally receive compensation in the form of a campsite, usually with utilities (electricity, water, and sewer hookups) and additional wages. Each situation varies.

New digs, a few responsibilities, and lots of new places to explore! We have landed at the Travellers Rest Cabins and RV Park in Darby, MT, until mid-October. How did this happen you ask? Well, Glacier NP, MT was our next planned destination but a series of events occurred that created a diversion in our plans. First off, we became aware of something called workamper through a conversation RHonda had with one of our camp hosts, Ed at Heise Hot Springs.

Ed gave us a couple of websites to learn more. A few days later as I was perusing the various opportunities, I found one in Darby, MT which was along our planned route to Glacier NP. About this same time, Rhonda was having another conversation with a family in the local tire store. When RHonda asked, “What things should I not miss in the area?”, the lady replied, “The Salmon, ID/Darby/Hamilton, MT area. So, when Rhonda got home and we compared notes there was one of those ‘celestial harp’ moments…hmmm…maybe we should call and check on this. Well, a long story short we called, arrived the 2nd, took the job and are helping out part time here until mid-October. Jim and Mary (the owners) are super-nice folks and we get along well. We are getting settled in and becoming familiar with the procedures and routines necessary to run the operation when we are on-duty. It is a smaller resort with 6 RV sites, 3 log cabins, 3 hotel rooms in a log cabin, 1 cottage, and some tent space. Nice place to rest. Ha ha. We are impressed by how Jim and Mary serve the community and its travelers.

Darby is in the beautiful, serene Bitterroot Valley with the Bitterroot mountain range on the west and the Sapphire mountain range on the east. We are listed in the hard core back backers ‘go to’ book as a nice place to stay so we are visited by those coming off The Continental Divide Trail and bicyclists who are traveling down the TransAmerica Trail. There were a pair of cyclists from France who came through the other evening and stayed with us. There is a lot to do here and we plan to get started exploring pretty soon. I am waiting for my new hiking shoes to arrive at the sporting goods store as they did not have what I wanted and had to order them.

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  1. looked at WWOOFING as I was unfamiliar. Very cool! I did something like that in Colorado Springs. I garden so it was not as educational for me but it was interesting to see how people were impacted when they realized where their food came from, especially kids.

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