Yeah! It Is Snowing Again!

I wish Kristina was here (she is still in IA at the Johnson/Elson wedding) as she always gets excited with me as it snows! It snowed overnight a little but today brought periods of steady light snow and it was so pretty. Fairly big, fluffy flakes! It turned the landscape into a picture postcard and makes me think of friends, family, and of Christmas. Yes, as much as I love Colorado, I miss YOU all at times like this!

Abby and I went for a walk in Ute Valley Park late this afternoon. Abby loves mountaineering! She races from rock to rock, dodging back and forth across the trail -ears flopping all the while. She never gets exhausted. No matter how far we hike, she never tires! She is constantly sniffing with that hound nose of hers; no scent along the way misses her notice. She had fresh deer scent to follow tonight and she would sometimes get out of my sight as she ran trying to find them. They were gone, however. Probably somewhere warm and cozy out of the storm, no doubt.

The park was so beautiful! The fine, icy snow was falling pretty rapidly creating a Christmas landscape as we walked and watched. There were a few dog owners in the park but they were few and far between. We walked a couple miles through the trees, pausing on the bluffs to look over the city with it’s snow laden rooftops, windows with that candlelight glow, and occasional Christmas lights hung on the roof lines. It was a sight to behold! I love this place! How God saw it in His infinite wisdom and grace to place us here is an awesome blessing. I do miss some things about Iowa – my big country house, all the fruit we grew there, our wonderful friends and neighbors. It’s not that I don’t love the ones here, just because I love you as well. It is just that I KNOW I belong here in Colorado at this time in my life and I have been in awe of all the desires of our hearts God has provided for us here. I will lay my lifetime at His feet, His is the only one I need. I give it all to Him. One way Jesus, You’re the only One I could live for. (Hillsongs, For All You’ve Done)